Change for Christ

  • September 2015

    The congregation continues to share their change in the jars set at the front and back entrances; New Hope sends this money to an evangelist in Giddalur, India, named Gurram Babu. He buys and distributes Bibles in frequent evangelistic meetings. Thank you for your help in spreading the Good News of the Gospel across the world.

  • March 2015

    March's Change for Christ amounted to $84.00, which, when matched by Missions, totaled $168.00 to buy Bibles and distribute them in India.

  • Jan 2015

    In January, 2015, we combined the Change for Christ with the money from Operation Christmas Card, to buy Bibles for India. (Operation Christmas Card is the program run by Barb Harader, whereby members of the congregation bring Christmas cards for one another to church; the youth distribute them, and the congregants donate the money saved on postage, to buy Bibles). New Hope gave $364.00 to buy Bibles in January!

  • Bible Distribution

    Dear Brother Michael Walker,,
    Greetings from Giddalur Church of Christ.

    This is my heart full thanks to you and your Church. I went Obulapuram about 30 Kms to distribute the Bibles in Remote area. Bro.A.George serving as a Preacher at OBULAPURAM Church of Christ from 20 years. Please pray for our ministry. Please see Bibles Distribution photo's.
    Thank you.
    Yours in Christ
    Giddalur Church of Christ.

    Here is a link to Garram Babu's facebook page.

  • Report from Babu Gurram

    Change for Christ recieved $272.00 this month. This money was distributed to Gurram to purchase two and a half cases of Bibles (60 bibles). Below is a report from Gurram of his recent activites.

    May 18, 2014
    To all my brothers and sisters. This is Babu Gurram. I am a preacher. I am doing my lords work since 1999.I am very happy in doing the lords work. I am doing my best to do the lords work.

    July 2, 2014
    GOSPEL MEETINGS IN DIFFERENT VILLAGES: We conducted Gospel meeting at the village Chinaganipalli,Racherla mandal, prakasam district. It is a remote village. There is no good road facility for that village. Meeting continue up to the midnight. Many people attended for the meeting. I preached on the Subject Faith. We have several responses and some people noted my phone number. I sow the seed there and i hope God will give the fruit. I continue to visit them and also conducted village Akaveedu, village Nalaguntala, Racherala church of Christ. We have good responses from these villages. All of these places we sow the seed, I preached 3 days for Racherala i congregation. There is good gathering and people are interested to learn the truth. and it resulted 2 baptisms in Racherla church of Christ.. And I traveled several other villages and sow the seed and looking for the fruits.

    July 21, 2014
    Giddalur church of Christ salutes to you all saints.
    I arranged “Youth Meeting” on 19 July 2014 to youth. Night by 7-00 Pm to 8-00 Pm Bible Teacher C.ASEERVADAM, Preached about Instructions to Youth “Rejoice in Your Youth”. G.Babu, Preached about Instructions to Youth “Purpose of Youth”from 8:10 Pm to 9:10 Pm.We are so proud of our students here at Akaveedu coc. We conduct Bible classes for all ages on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Our Bible classes cover everything from the practical day-to-day living to the serious aspect of salvation. These classes help shape our students into well rounded young men and young ladies. We also do other age-appropriate activities throughout the year to assist in this development. We have a junior youth group.They enjoy quarterly events such as congregational devotionals, fellowship activities. They also enjoy our yearly Vacation Bible School. We have a senior youth group.They enjoy monthly events such as congregational devotionals, area wide youth rallies,fellowship. They also participate in yearly activities such as Challenge Youth Conference, Christian Camp, a summer mission trip, a fall youth retreat and Exposure Youth Camps. It is our prayer that if you are looking for a place to build relationships with other young people and a place to grow in your relationship with God, you will come join us here. This letter treats as progress report.
    Thanking you Brother.
    Yours in Christ,
    Babu.Gurram and Team

    July 29, 2014
    Bibles & Songs Books:-The scarcity of Bibles and songs books in our local language is chronic. As church members here are very poor they are unable to afford the Great price of Bibles .The churches of Christ here lack songs books. Please help us get bibles in our local language {Telugu}. Please pray that every person can have his/her own Bible to read and learn the word of Truth.

    August 13, 2014
    Dear Brother in Christ, I am able to do this work with your kind prayers and help.
    Working for new villages;- I visited several new villages in Prakasam district in the last few weeks. Visited several family had private bible study.

    I continue to sow the seed, I find some people understand the truth. Interested in the learning the truth. I continue to visit those villages. The names of the village are Akaveedu,Sangapeta,Chinagani palli and Anampalli. These three villages are in Prakasam district. These are some of the village like my visit to them. I hope some day I can fish some souls for Him.

    I traveled more than 70 kilomeaters in the past few weeks.

    Nalaguntala Church of Christ:-We have been visiting this Nalaguntala church of Christ. We have some good response but nobody baptized into Christ. I am planning to visit that Nalaguntla Village along with my Father this day and continue to sow the seed, Payers are appreciated for it.

    Preachers Get to gather:-I continue to conduct preachers get to gather in the village Akaveedu. We have 10 preachers attending to the preachers get to gather. I invited the preachers who are working with me in the surrounding villages.

    August 14, 2014
    Dear Brothers & sisters
    Great need to preach the nations. Mark 16:15 How many of the Christians recognized this Great Commission ? I don't know but there a great urgency for this call and the commission. Here in India we are able to go for the many places to preach with great sufferings . We do need the encouragement. So far we have been baptized 5 men and women in the five village areas. These souls needed the Milk of the word. Pray for us . Many of our poor preachers giving their lifetime services to the Church over here. Pray . Request for the Prayers . If u really pray for us that God could do the miracles in the soil of India . We do have the rains , no problem , but the poor have no food for the rainy season . They have to go for the fasting . pray for them. We do need to restore them with Love. Love them if u had the time .

    We are conducting the Bible classes for the new Born babies.
    Pray .
    Yours in Christ

  • March Bible Drive

    Using the Change for Christ money gathered in March, we were able to purchase 64 Bibles through Gospel for Asia. Thanks to your generosity, 64 Christians will be able to read the Word of God for themselves now!

  • Ministry Overview

    This year, we will all have several opportunities to provide Bibles through Gospel for Asia, by using the Change for Christ money once a quarter toward Bibles. During the quarterly collection, you can participate by putting your spare change in the marked jars at the front and back of the sanctuary. Bibles are only $3 each; keep watching for other ways to help make Bibles available for the newly saved around the world.

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