Clean Start

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  • Quarterly Report

    In October 2012, the Clean Start Ministry had fourteen individuals sign up to serve in this ministry. Two of the couples are seasonal. Currently, an average of four individuals serve in the ministry on the second Saturday of each month.

    The ministry served 5 individuals each in the months of January and February. On March 9, 2013, Clean Start served 6 adults and 2 babies. April 13, 2013 Clean Start served 9 adults. As you can see, the Clean Start ministry is continuing to serve more people each month.

    Because Clean Start is an ongoing outreach of NHCC, it continues to need the supplies replenished. Donations for the ministry of any of these items are gratefully accepted at any time. The current need is for men's razors.

    Below is the material list for the Clean Start MInistry:
    Laundry Soap, Dryer Sheets, Bathroom Cleansers,  Bathroom Soaps, Shampoo, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Razors, Q-tips, Deodorants, Toothpaste, Female Personal Items.

    For more information about the Clean Start ministry, please take a moment to check the Clean Start bulletin board located near the Sunday School classroom doors.