Gospel For Asia

  • Money sent for relief work in Nepal

    Missions is sending just under $1,000 for Relief work in Nepal, on behalf of New Hope. The money is being sent to Gospel for Asia, since they do a lot of work in Nepal already, and since 100% of whatever we give them goes to the designated purpose.

  • March 2015

    Gospel for Asia has asked us to pray that the believers in South Asia will have a passion to share God’s Word and the hope of Christ with all they encounter. Pray also for everyone who receives a piece of Gospel literature, that they will pass the message of hope on to family, friends and even strangers.

  • Feb 2015

    Thanks to Scotty Turner, from Gospel for Asia, for the sobering, humbling presentation he gave Sunday, February 22nd. Please be in prayer for your brothers and sisters ministering in India despite grave danger and persecution. Pray for their courage, protection, and steady faith in the face of all opposition. Pray about your own depth of faith in ministering to the lost in your own neighborhood.

  • Ministry Overview

    New Hope ran a Christmas campaign of videos and Christmas Catalogs to encourage sharing the gospel with the unsaved peoples of Asia. Soon we will begin sending Bibles to be distributed. Gifts from the Christmas catalogs can be given year round, and 100% of donations go to serve the lost and destitute. Be looking for more news on how New Hope can be involved in supporting the indigenous missionaries ministering in the field in Asia.

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