Impact Campus Ministry

  • March 16, 2016

    Deb Carstensen, Ken and Margaret Tiillet, and Mike and Tracie Walker enjoyed a great fellowship last night (Wed. the 16th) with the Christian college kids out at FGCU. We provided pizza, salad and cookies (oh, and brownie bites! very popular!) to the group, which is led by Kerry Eastridge. 

    After eating and visiting, the games were afoot. Four groups converged to tell their stories - “Pizza, Pizza,” from the Land of Crust; “The Miscellaneous Mashups,” banding together to form a book club; the “Kayakers” (Long Live Queen Victoria!); and “Problem #4” - were they solving the problem or were they the problem? Only their boss knows for sure. At any rate, they will be with us always!

    Several of the club’s members had been on a missions trip, so we had the privilege of seeing their slideshow and hearing their testimonies, which was awesome!

    Announcements were made, among them New Hope’s invitation to Impact to join us for a dinner held in their honor on April 10th, at 5:30 and at New Hope Christian. (If you haven’t already, please sign up to let us know what delicious home made salad, casserole, side dish or dessert you would like to provide, and whether or not you can stay to fellowship with these great kids).

    The highlight of the evening was the devotional talk given by Ken Tillet, who is very popular with the kids. That is no wonder, for he is a gifted speaker, Biblically solid, charming and eloquent.

    The evening concluded with a distribution of the remaining food, along with hugs, laughs, and everyone’s desire to meet again soon.

  • October 21, 2015

    Tonight, Debbie Carstensen, Ken and Margaret Tillet and Michael Walker drove down to FGCU to provide a meal for about twenty-two students from the Impact Ministry. Several of them remembered us from last month and were glad to see us again, as we were also glad to see them. We served pizza, salad, cupcakes and cookies. They really like chacolate chip cookies!

    Kerry Eastridge, FGCU Impact Ministry Leader, lead the discussion portion of the meeting. Several of the students lead in prayer. At one point, we broke into small groups. It was very interesting to hear the perspective of these young adults on the subject of how men and women view each other and how they would like to be treated by the opposite sex. 

    This is great local mission supported by NHCC and we invite you to join in. We provide meals several times a year and also provide $100 in regular monthly support for the ministry. NHCC also helps with the Impact Ministry backpack give away for new students. This year we provided money to purchase sixty backpacks.   

    We will be providing more information about our next excursion down to FGCU soon. Make plans to come with us the next time.

  • July 2015

    New Hope was happy to participate once again in the FGCU Impact Backpacks for Big Kids drive. We were able to provide 60 backpacks, filled with treats, a Bible, and information about Campus Ministries, to distribute to incoming students; we also donated to their ministry expenses.

  • September 2015

    Tonight was our first dinner at the college for the new school year. We took an abundance of pizzas, salads and desserts. There were four of us that went from New Hope, and 24 kids plus a staff advisor that attended to eat, fellowship and learn. 

    Ken Tillet gave the devotional, a very inspiring talk on being children of the Living God. It was very well received, and everyone also enjoyed one another’s company and having plenty to eat. After the get together, we visited more with the young people, and sent them back to their dorms with lots of food. They are lovely, bright, friendly young people. Some of them were talking about sharing the pizza with their friends and using that as an opportunity to invite them to the next fellowship night. We look forward to returning on October 21st!

  • March 2015

    Impact Campus Ministry at FGCU is in need of host homes for foreign exchange students. This can be anything from actually having them live with you while they are students, to just being sort of an adoptive family so they can feel welcome, and have a Christian influence, while they are here. If you are interested, call Kerry Eastridge at 239-691-7314.

  • Feb 2015

    Our first dinner at FGCU for Impact Campus Ministries went very well, with good reports from both New Hope members and FGCU students. Many thanks to Joann Knapp for heading it up, and to everyone who cooked food, helped deliver it, and stayed to fellowship with the students. The students reported that we provided more food than they’d ever had before, that they love lasagne, and also, the talk and devotion that Ken gave were very well received.

  • Kerry and Matt, Impact Staff at FGCU

    Kerry Eastridge

    Kerry is Impact’s Lead Campus Minister at Florida Gulf Coast University, in Fort Myers, FL.

    My wife Lisa and I met at, and are graduates of, Cincinnati Christian University.  We were married in 1982.  God has blessed us with two sons, Kyle and Tyler. Both are graduates of Florida State University and were active participants in Christian Campus Fellowship at FSU.  Lisa is principal of a public elementary school and an active volunteer with the campus ministry. 

    Ft. Myers has been our home since 1984.  During our years in Ft. Myers, I have been privileged to serve in three churches in three different full-time leadership roles. 

    Believing strongly in the vision and mission of Impact, I joined the Impact staff in January, 2009. I can’t think of any better way to spend my second half of ministry than investing in this next generation of world changers. 

    Matt Boden

    Matt is Impact’s Associate Campus Minister at Florida Gulf Coast University.

    As a student at the University of Central Florida, I saw firsthand the darkness of the university campus and desired for the light of Christ to enter that world. Two years as a student there and four as director of a campus ministry on that campus, God showed me time and again how eager he is to change the world through college students. 

    My lovely wife, Erin, and I seek ways for students to interact with us and our children so that they can experience some aspect of a God-fearing family that many of them may not have. It is a blessing to be able to play an important role in this most pivotal period in their lives; when they make decisions about a career, a spouse, and who they are going to trust with their lives. College students who decide to follow Jesus whole-heartedly will turn this world upside down! 

    I am excited to be on a team with Kerry Eastridge, working together to reach the 13,000 + students at Florida Gulf Coast University in SW Florida for the sake and gospel of Jesus. Campus ministry is like no other ministry in its atmosphere, openness to dialogue, and opportunities to meet new people every day.