Lifeline Mission

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  • Shoe Box Drive

    We are having a church-wide drive to provide Christmas gifts to these children that we sponsor in Haiti. May 5th, we will have sheets for you to take that explain the whole process, what the Mission will and will not accept in the way of gifts, suggestions for gifts they recommend, and sizes for our children. If you are interested, please take a sheet with you when you leave today. In order to reach them by Christmas, we have to get them to Ohio by July, so we ask that you return your filled shoe boxes, with a $5 bill taped to the top of each for shipping costs, by the end of June. 

    We also ask that you continue to pray for Mamina and Wilson and their families, that they will choose to serve, obey and honor Jesus Christ, and that He will guide, provide for and protect them.

    Thank you for making a difference in the lives of people around the world and impacting them for Jesus Christ.