Lifeline Mission

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  • Shoe Box Drive Guidelines

    New Hope Christian Church
    2013 Christmas Gift Shoebox Drive
    Sponsored Haitian Children - Lifeline Christian Mission

    Gift deadline: end of June (Christmas gift deadline) 
    Please bring gifts in shoe boxes. 
    Choose gifts either for a ten year old girl or a six year old boy. 

    Please include the following on each shoe box for our GIRL:
    1. Child's complete name - Mamina Castin 
    2. School ID number - GG2818
    3. Sponsor name - New Hope Christian Church
    4. Account number -  #1584

    Please include the following on each shoe box for our BOY:
    1. Child's complete name - Wilson Tataille
    2. School ID number - GG3234
    3. Sponsor name - New Hope Christian Church
    4. Account number -  #1584

    Tape a $5 to the top of each shoe box to cover shipping fees to Haiti. There is no limit on number of packages per child so long as the shipping fee contribution is enclosed for each one.

    DO NOT gift wrap your packages since all gifts are opened.
    DO NOT include your return address or phone number.
    DO NOT put cash or checks inside the package.
    If you choose to send financial gifts, please give them to Steve Kennedy, designated for Wilson or Mamina.

    Gift Guidelines
    Toys* - Balls, Cars/Trucks, Dolls/Clothing, Dominoes, Flutes, Hair Bows/Barrettes, Hand-held Games, Harmonicas, Jacks, Jump Ropes, Kites & String, Magic Slates, Marbles, Modeling Clay, Play Dishes, Puzzles, Soccer Balls, Wallets, Watches School Items - Book bag, Chalk & Chalkboard (small), Colored Pencils, Coloring Books, Crayons, English/French Dictionary, English/Spanish Dictionary, Erasers, Flash Cards, Glue, Lunch Boxes, Markers, Notebooks, Pencil Sharpeners, Pencils, Pens, Plastic bowl & lid for lunch (large), Rulers, Scissors, Tablespoon (large) for lunch, Water Paints.
    *Include extra batteries for toys requiring batteries.

    Miscellaneous - Canned Meat (small), Clothing (details below), Granola Bars, Hair Brushes, Jewelry (pierced ears), Mirrors, Nutritious Snacks, Peanut Butter, Perfumes & Powders, Raisins (sun-dried), Sewing Kits (small), Soap (antibacterial), Stationery (small), Shower Caps, T-Shirts (Christian themes), Toothbrush & Paste, Twin sheet set & mattress cover, Vitamins (children & infant)

    Clothing - All types of summer clothing are needed, including shoes, socks and underwear. A "rule of thumb" is to buy the same size as the child's age until they reach the age of 15. Please remember, it is summer YEAR-ROUND in both Haiti and Honduras. Also, girls do not wear slacks or shorts.

    • Liquids, such as shampoo, bubble blow, etc.
    • Toy weapons or toys of violent nature (guns, knives, etc)
    • Combustible items, lighters, matches, explosives of any type.
    • Chocolate of any type
    • Pillows
    • "Pop top" type cans of meat, etc. 
       (Pop tops can explode soiling or destroying the gifts)
    • Books or games that require English to play or read
       (the children do not speak English).